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For the sake of streaming convenience (and greater traffic...), the official TBWB Soundcloud page is going to become the new hub for any and all of the recorded sounds that I'm at liberty to share with you. This includes the following:

  • full-length compact disc / cassette / digital audio releases

  • podcasts and radio shows (particularly my "Belsona Academy" electronic audio digest from 2009-2010, and any future episodes of same)

  • interviews with me, and me interviewing other artists

  • DJ sets from my aliases Anti-DJ Foxbat, DJ FoxConn, etc.

  • documentation of live appearances.

I've released full-length albums and compilation tracks across a number of boutique labels including Elevator Bath, Mirror Tapes, Banned Production, Seminal Records (Brazil) and my own retired Belsona imprint. I have long since sold out of any personal copies of physical albums, though new material will certainly be posted here when I release it.

A separate section with video documentation of live appearances, and short films, will appear here soon as well.

Now as ever, I receive little institutional funding for my sound and music, and generally it is a "net loss" for me. Though I've never been under any illusions that this would be otherwise, I always gratefully welcome donations from those who appreciate what I do and who want me to continue being a conduit for some truly amazing energies that I can only begin to explain (hint: see the 'donate' button in the footer).